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SDBSF's founder Mindy Lindner, understands what hair &

skin needs to flourish, glow, and grow! This is why we offer

only the BEST of the BEST color safe, divine anti-frizz,

breakage repair & scalp treatment products on the market!!

All of SDBSFs products are made with

100% Natural, and Certified Organic ingredients such as

exotic Tamanu butter & Cupuacu oil for

stronger, longer, shiny more fabulous HAIR!

If you COLOR your hair, wear hair EXTENSIONS ,

CHEMICALLY treat your hair... we can help YOU retain

length, and GROW longer hair!
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Do YOU want longer, stronger, frizz-free hair?

Straight or curly SDBSF can help YOU with that!

 ALL of SDBSF's products are made with certified

organic ingredients for natural hair and body care!



  "need a little oomph" ...try our soft hair Gelly...
       Avaliable NOW at

Our Pet wash, PET so Fine is in and smells like a mini

vacay... FAB! Just like all of our other products!
SDBSF offers professional hair & skin care

advice, and tips with a simple hashtag

 #AskSDBSF or tune in for LIVE SDBSF!

This feature gives YOU hair help, support, tips,

and customized regimens personalized

just for YOU!
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3 Simple STEP's to lock in moisture using SDBSF My Mojo™ oil that will help YOU achieve Longer, Stronger, Healthy, Moisture-rich, Frizz-Free hair!
Wash & Condition

STEP 1 is to cleanse and condition your scalp, and hair in order for the moisture to penetrate you will need to start with a freshly washed
 hair & scalp that has no
 product build up.

STEP 2 is to moisturize your hair in sections starting at the ends first with our Hello GORGEOUS Hair SDBSFs 3 in 1as a leave-in conditioner.

STEP 3 is to seal in your moisture by applying My Mojo ™ oil to the ends, and scalp as needed for your hair texture.
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